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A debuff is an effect on a living being, often harmful (though not always) which reduces or limits the character in some way.

Some debuffs are harmful while others merely act to block actions or abilities. You can see a list of debuffs that impact your character, by typing buffs in game.

Area Debuffs

Some debuffs will come into play based on your location. These are area debuffs and are so noted by the tag (area) that succeeds the buffs name.

  • Silence! (area) - Messages for component conjuration and weapon maintenance will be squelched here.
  • Unserviceable (area) - You cannot perform your guild/race services here (enchant, temper, filet, etc.)
  • Unreachable (area) - No teleporting in or out of this area.
  • Watchful Eye (area) - No stealing from this area.

Special Debuffs

  • Death's Shroud (help death) - While this debuff is in effect, you are forbidden from roleplaying any knowledge about your death. Additionally, your nemesis will not show in the score command.