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Tenets Magic and Luck
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal domestic cat
Plant four-leaf clover
Food mushroom

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

Calypso is a strange, mysterious deity. She is always engaged in intense research — seeking new and more spectacular ways to warp, bend, manipulate, shape, alter, or otherwise control the physical and metaphysical universe. The other gods are thankful for her research, as it has often resulted in knowledge that they are able to use for the furtherance of their own ends.

Calypso cares little about moral philosophy. Thus, she has little concern that the knowledge her efforts unearth might be used for good as well as evil ends. In times past, when Calypso was unified with the deities of Good, this fact sometimes caused discord between them. She would insist that one need only rely on luck to ensure that her discoveries would never be used for a disastrous end. Even now, her single-minded reliance on luck frequently vexes and frustrates the other deities.

This aspect of Calypso's philosophy came to the fore during the Aethereal Shift when Vishnu sought to rally the Deities of Light to wage war on the Forces of Evil. Calypso feared that such a battle could result in total annihilation of her faithful and her church and refused the call to arms. It was her belief that both Vishnu and Set were foolish in their willingness to risk it all for a victory that could very well be empty and meaningless. Thus, she left the union of good deities and declared herself neutral in the war between good and evil. She was clear in stating that she bore no ill will towards any of the good deities and still felt a tendency toward their philosophies. The good deities, including Vishnu, echoed her sentiments, and it was evident to all that there was no animosity between Calypso and the remaining deities of Light.

Followers of Calypso are generally very studious individuals. They are always seeking to unearth new knowledge about the universe and how it operates. Learning how the universe functions is the key to being able to manipulate it to wondrous ends. They are sometimes unorganized in their research as they particularly enjoy the trial and error method of discovery. Calypsians feel that with enough research, surely one will eventually get lucky and stumble upon the solution!

To those who research ardently and practice with dangerous and new magics, followers of Calypso are often granted new magical abilities or a lucky result to their studies. In fact, luck has saved the life of many a Calypsian, as some magical research and testing can have quite horribly dangerous effects!