Buffet command

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The shield is mainly a defensive tool, but the skilled defender can turn this device into an offensive weapon through skillful maneuvering in battle. Those who have reached at least adept level in the skill of defense are able to surprise their opponent with a quick and sudden shield buffet that delivers a blunt strike to the victim's torso. Although it is not a devastating attack by any means, these subtle tricks and maneuvers are often the difference between victory and defeat in a close battle.


buffet <target>

Special Note

Damage varies based on the skill rank of the attacker and the quality of the shield being used. Also, the time until the attack can be used again depends on the attacker's skill rank in the defence skill.

Skill Rank Time to Attack
Adept 10 minutes
Specialist 8 minutes
Master 6 minutes
Grand Master 4 minutes

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