Belt command

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This command is used to make use of your Adventurer Belt. If you do not have one yet, you should speak to someone in the nearest Adventurers Guild.


Take stock of the pouches in your belt.
belt gems
List the gems encrusted into your belt.
belt all
List potions, gems, and resource tools.
belt <potion>
Put a potion in the next pouch.
belt <potion> in <#>
Put a potion in a specific pouch.
belt strap <tool>
Strap a resource gathering tool to your belt in the next slot
belt strap <tool> in <#>
Strap a resource tool in your belt in slot #
belt unstrap <#>
Unstrap a resource gathering tool from your specified slot
belt hide/unhide
Hide or unhide your belt from view.
belt swap
Swap your current belt out for your second belt.

Belt Swapping

A character can have more than one belt. This provides him with the opportunity to customise his character further, but allowing him to have different belts to match different situations. There is more discussion on this topic at belt swapping.

Help File

help belt

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