Bagcheck command

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This command allows you to setup bags whose inventories you wish to monitor. With no arguments, bagcheck will cycle through the bags you have added and report their contents in an abbreviated manner, as if you were using the "look in" syntax in each.

In preparation for this command, you must add bags to your bagcheck. All sorts of containers can be added from guild objects to food pouches to chests. It will not report the contents of opaque containers which are closed and it will not report items inside which you would not ordinarily be able to see.

Containers which leave your inventory are automatically removed from your bagcheck. In addition, your bagcheck is reset every time you die or logout.


bagcheck - list all of the bags in your bagcheck list

bagcheck list - same as bagcheck

bagcheck clear - clear the containers from your bagcheck list

bagcheck add <bag> - add a bag to your bagcheck list

bagcheck remove <bag> - remove a specific bag from your bagcheck list

Special Note

The bagcheck command has been globally aliased to bags.

Help File

help bagcheck