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The alias system in Threshold RPG allows players to add up to 50 aliases on top of the global aliases that are already available.


alias - View current aliases.

alias <verb> <command> - Set <verb> to execute <command>.

alias <alias> - List the current setting of <alias>.

unalias <alias> - Remove <alias> from the alias list.

alias -clear - Clear all your aliases.

Substitution variables

$# - Where # is the number of the word after the verb to substitute.

$* - Will be substituted with everything after the verb.

Prefixing the alias verb with a $ allows you to set up a verb that does not require a space after it similar to how ' works for say.

Alias Examples

alias bc bury corpse - This allows you to type bc to bury a corpse

alias th threshold $* - This allows you to use th for threshold channel

alias $\ trivia $* - This allows you to use \ for the trivia channel without having to type a space.

    You type: \Hello!
    Result: Yourname [trivia] Hello!

alias bob tell bob $* - This allows you to use bob to send tells to a player named Bob.

alias pb put $1 in bag - With this alias, the first word you type after pb will be what you try to put in a bag.

    You type: pb dagger
    Result: put dagger in bag

Special Note

Keep in mind that a large list of aliases means it requires more system resources for *every* command you type (whether aliased or not). In other words, use aliases to help you out, but don't use them frivolously.

Help File

  • help alias
  • help alias examples