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The Adventurers Guild has received funding from the kingdoms of Thrace and Sable as well as the Argentine College to expand the repository of knowledge in regards to the areas surrounding our nations. We proudly announce the creation of the Adventurers Guild Explorer Club.

AGEC encourages adventurers to expand their horizons and explore high and low throughout the land. Information should be gathered about places that have been well-explored and in addition to expanding into new frontiers.

As adventurers, players are already members of this club.



As heroes wander the realm, they may in some places trigger an AGEC Exploration Reward. Not only does this tell the whole world just how amazing an explorer they are, but they also receive a buff to XP gains and a collectible AGEC Exploration Star which they can keep or sell for coins.


It is possible to get a critical reward. When this happens, the spam is gold in color and announces that it is a global effect. This means that every player logged in at the time will receive additional XP for the duration of the effect.


Once every four hours a random location in the world gets flagged.