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Tenets Mercy, Truth, Goodness, and the Sun
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal ki-rin
Plant thistleberry
Food water

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

Vishnu is the embodiment of pure goodness and the source of all light in the universe. He espouses mercy and truth as the core virtues in the purification and perfection of the mortal soul, and he expects his worshippers to serve as paragons of these virtues. Much like the sun, the Golden One can be benevolent and warm or harsh and unforgiving. He is an exacting and demanding god who strives for perfection and often succeeds. Though they may not admit it, many of the other gods admire and respect Vishnu's ability to stay a course as well as his determination to perform any actions he determines is right.

His proudest creations are the Sun and the mortal Conscience. It is a precept of Vishnu that: "It is the Conscience that chooses the right path, and the Sun that illuminates the way." The day is his domain, and he encourages the many activities done in its glorious light. Oftentimes, he will have debates with Silvanus and even Tempest over the amount of cloud coverage that surrounds the world, though their arguments rarely get heated.

Vishnu demands that his followers devote their lives to the promotion of all that is good and light as well as expunging evil and darkness wherever it may be found. Evil must always be encouraged to reform whether by word or by force. Mercy, however, must always be shown for those who may be redeemable.

The ancient battles between Vishnu and Set are legendary. Every few millennia, the source of deity power shifts to a new realm of the universe, and when it does so, Vishnu and Set begin their confrontation anew. Many times in the history of time, their war has nearly resulted in the annihilation of the very fabric of time and space. At long last, after millions of millennia, and after the complete destruction of battlefield after battlefield, the final conflict between Vishnu and Set, good and evil, has been joined. This battleground is the mortal realm of Threshold, where both deities know a final decision will be reached. Thus, Vishnu seeks to spread the word of goodness, truth, and mercy — thereby increasing his own power with which to wage war upon Set. Contemporaneously, Set proceeds upon a similar strategy. In the hope of eternal triumph over evil and darkness, Vishnu's clerics must persuade their fellow mortals that the word of Vishnu is the word of truth — the word which must be acknowledged, and followed.