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Swimming pools are quite large and can hold up to 20 people. Which is perfect for a POOL PARTY!

House Object

Swimming pool is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 80000 coins or 144 ThreshCredits.


You can enter and exit as well as force others into a pool. If you are feeling a little mischievous, you can also splash and dunk your friends, depending on where they are.

From Without

swim/dive/bathe pool     - enter the pool
push/shove <target>      - push someone into the pool

From Within

emerge                   - exit the pool
splash <target>          - splash someone who is outside the pool
dunk <target>            - dunk someone under the water

Default Appearance

swimming pool

   This beautiful swimming pool is quite large, and could easily be used by 
many festive bathers. The water is very clean and clear, and its ripples
twinkle with an inviting light blue color.


In order to customize the short and long descriptions of your swimming pool, you must decorate the items pool-short and pool-long in the room where the swimming pool rests. For the short, it is important to note that you should put the description only on one line in the editor.


> decorate item pool-short

Enter the description for pool-short:

When finished, type a period on a blank line. To cancel, type ~q

 ***ALWAYS*** hit return at the end of each line. The length of a line is:
Large, Heated Indoor Swimming Pool
You decorate the pool-short here.
> gl

Large Pool House
     Obvious exits are north and south.

   Large, Heated Indoor Swimming Pool}}