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There appear to be some misconceptions about sub-guilds like rangers, paladins, necromancers, etc. Some people seem to think the purpose of these guilds is to be everything that the sub-guild's "base" guild is, plus a lot of special abilities to make them much cooler, more powerful, or drastically more interesting.

That is an extremely erroneous conclusion for many reasons.

1) That would be bad game design. If the sub-guilds worked like that people would never want to be members of the base guild. They would forever feel gimped or inferior if they were "just a fighter" or "just a mage." Considering the fact that these sub-guilds are designed to be small, that would be a titanically bad situation as it would mean most people would be unhappy with their guild. If anything, I would be more inclined to make sub-guilds weaker so as to deter people from wanting to join them unless they REALLY wanted to play a character with that sub-guilds' theme.

2) Nowhere in any help files or documents does it say that these sub-guilds are better than the base guild, nor do any help files say the sub-guilds have a lot of unique abilities.

3) The sub-guilds are all designed for role play purposes. That is why they have extremely difficult and time-consuming role play requirements to get into them. The focus is on the RP, not powergaming.

4) Guild balance would be shot to hell if there were guilds that were deliberately or intentionally more powerful than other guilds. Characters in those guilds would have advancement or PK advantages that would really screw up guild balance. That would be an enormously bad thing.

If you wish to pursue membership in a sub-guild, you should be doing so for 100% role play motivations. You should not be doing so to get special or fancy powers. You should not be doing it to be "different" from people in the base guild you are currently a part of. Rangers or Paladins who seek that guild so they can be different, cooler, more powerful, or more interesting than a fighter are NOT the types of people who deserve to join those sub-guilds. In fact, people who make character evolution decisions for those reasons are powergamers, not role players, and that type of behavior is not acceptable on Threshold.

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