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Location: Varies by religion
Required Stats: Strength 14, Constitution 12
Unallowed: Asuli, Fae, Takzul

Paladins in Threshold are not a Guild per se; there is no guild to which they belong. Rather, paladins belong to the church which they serve. Being chosen as a paladin of their church is the highest honor that a holy warrior or devoted champion can achieve. A paladin can be recognized by the holy symbol of their faith.

Paladins are chosen from the ranks of the Warriors guild.


All Paladins must create their characters as Warriors. The absolute minimum level to become a Paladin is 10/10, but it is more likely that a fighter will be around 20/20 (or higher) if and when they are made a Paladin. This is particularly true since it is rare that anyone under 10/10 is even chosen to become an official follower of a religion. Just becoming an official member of a church requires many real life months of roleplay.

The road to Paladinhood is an exceptionally difficult one. The vast majority of people who seek Paladinhood will not be tapped by their deity for this position. It requires game decades of intense devotion to one's faith to even be considered for this duty. To actually be chosen requires exceptional dedication and work. Becoming impatient or expecting a deity to choose oneself as a Paladin are two easy ways to guarantee that you will never be selected. As noted above, the vast majority of aspirants will never become Paladins no matter how badly they wish for the position. The amount of work and talent it requires is prodigious and should not be underestimated.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be in the Warriors guild
  • Level 10
  • Guild level 10
  • Must have been playing the game for 1 RL calendar year
  • Must have a total play time of 6 months

To determine if you meet these requirements, visit your temple Sanctuary and type paladincheck.


Chosen clerics of Priest/Priestess rank or higher, other Paladins, and laity of deity granted rank (Disciple, Zealot) can ordain a warrior to become a Paladin.

The cost of this ceremony is 100 relics.


Holy warriors wear a symbol specific to the faith to which they belong.

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