Mystical fruit tree

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A mystical fruit tree can only be bought in an outdoor room. Once every real life hour, you may pick fruit from a tree and receive a random fruit! All fruit picked from this tree is incredibly delicious! Anybody may pick the fruit, not just the owners of the house.

House Object

Mystical fruit tree is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 80000 coins or 144 ThreshCredits.


The Mystical fruit tree was a special prize for the winners of the 2010 Homestead house decorating contest. This house object was available exclusively to those winners for one year before it was generally available for everybody to use.


pick fruit    - pick a fruit from the tree


mystical fruit tree

   This amazing tree has a large sturdy trunk covered in rough dark brown bark
supporting long heavy branches laden with fruits of many kinds. A wide network
of gnarled strong roots support the bounty of this prolific tree. The leaves of
this tree are of mixed varieties growing randomly on the thick branches. Leaves
range from small pale green to wide dark green and grow in clusters surrounding
each particular fruit.  

   Splashes of color decorate the whole tree where the different fruits can be
glimpsed between the foliage.  In the thick branches are flashes of bright red
and shiny green apples glistening. Delicious deep purple plums hang in rich
clusters, soft furry peaches peek through the foliage, heavy green and red
mangoes look mouthwatering, large ripe figs hide nestled behind leaves and 
juicy yellow pears hang temptingly.