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Gnome is one of the Races in the game Threshold.

Though similar in size to dwarves, this race of humanoid is quite different in personality. They share a love for and skill with underground life as well as crafting weapons and armor. However, not all gnomes live beneath the earth- many gnomish societies live within hills or thick woods.

Gnomes are best known for their wonderful senses of humor, which makes them very popular with most beings of any race. However, their tendency to indulge in practical jokes often elicits as much anger from victims as they produce laughter for bystanders. Their active nature and open curiosity make for an extremely intelligent, nimble and quick race of people.

They are extremely adept at tunneling, perhaps even better than dwarves. Their chief love (after joking) is gemstones, and they are known for beautiful creations of armor and weaponry that dazzle the eye with wonderful gem encrustations.

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