Ataxiums Challenge

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Energy fields have begun to appear in the wake of depleted resources in the land. This volatility of the natural world has attracted the attention of the sorcerer Ataxium. Visit Ataxium in the Thracian Museum and ask about his challenge to receive an energy collector to siphon off these energies.

Empowered energy collectors will

  • for adventurers, deal strike effect damage during combat
  • for crafters, increased progress during the crafting process, and buff dexterity.

Every point of charge gained has a one day duration from when it was earned. Your total charge balance will reduce if you don't use it.


  • Siphoning an energy field that corresponds to your own harmonic will increase the charge of your collector and give a small increase to all matching, worn collectors in the game. Thereby empowering all those who share the same harmonic as you.
  • Dispersing an energy field that opposes your own harmonic will reduce the charge of all collectors belonging to those whose harmonic is counter to your own as well as providing a small increase to your own collector's charge.
  • Veins contribute a greater effect to both siphoning and dispersing.

Adventurers strike effect

When you successfully strike your foe with your weapon, you have a chance to do damage, with the following considerations

  • Chance to deal strike effect damage based on amount of current charge
  • Cooldown between strike effects based on amount of current charge
  • Damage dealt for strike effect based on amount of current charge

Crafting strike effect

  • Chance to receive crafting strike effect based on amount of current charge
  • Cooldown between crafting strike effects based on amount of current charge
  • Amount of Dexterity gained based on amount of current charge

Additional bonus

Once per hour, you may unleash all of the charge in your energy collector to gain a buff. The duration of the buff as well as the amount buffed will be dependent upon the amount of charge that has been unleashed.

You may buff one of all stats, natural armor class, critical strike chance, style chance, world drop chance, or bonus experience gain.

Global progress can be tracked via the holiday command.