Writers weekend

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Writer's weekend is an OOC event. It has no specific interval, meaning, it does not follow have any schedule and is pretty much hosted whenever Gesslar decides. The point of this event is to give the players of ThresholdRPG another outlet for creativity, in this case: writing.

How it works

Gesslar uses an online plot generator for each participant, generating 5 plot lines per recipient. The participants then select one from the five plot lines and writes a story from it, staying as faithfully as possible to all of the concepts stipulated in the chosen plot line.

Example selection of random plot lines

  • A witch receives a mysterious phone call.
  • A bored clerk comes to life in Cuba.
  • Zeus spreads a dire warning about the end of the world.
  • An insane flight attendant battles zombies a few minutes before he dies.
  • A werewolf finds himself in an abandoned mental institution.
  • Siblings are held hostage in a soup kitchen.

Some plot lines allow for more flexibility, while others restrict the writer a bit more. Both have value, depending on the writer, and a good story is really more about how you translate the given line into something compelling.

Event Rules

  1. You do not have to be a writer, you just need to want to write something.
  2. There are no trade-ins for your plot lines. You're given five, pick one.
  3. Your story does not have to be amazing, just write a story. Have fun with it.
    • No, really! It's totally fine if your story is terrible. You only have about 2 days to write to write it, how brilliant do you expect it to be?
  4. You have until the deadline to turn in your story. Stories will not be accepted after the deadline. The deadline is always 10PM on the Sunday of Writer's Weekend.
  5. The story length must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words.
  6. You will be instructed on how to submit your story.