Wire-rimmed monocle

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The wire-rimmed monocle is an item purchasable from the card shops that allows you to easily review all battle cards in your inventory.

You can see the following information when you review your cards:

  • Relative strength is shown in how the cards are sorted in your view. Be careful as this is NOT the order they appear in your inventory.
  • The progress of the cards is shown in a bar graph to the right of the card's name
  • The rarity of the card is reflected in the colour shown on the card's name
  • The bonus levels of the cards are shown by the +XX in front of the card names

Sample Output

> review cards
With the aid of your monocle, you expertly analyze your battle cards:

     Spark                   [@@@@@@-----------------------------]
     King Cobra              [@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@------------]
  +1 Virulent                [@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@-----------------]
     Chartoad                [@@@@@@@@@@-------------------------]
  +2 Disturbed Angry Crab    [@@@@@@@@@--------------------------]
  +1 Polar Worm              [@@@@@@@@---------------------------]
  +2 Hornet Swarm            [@@@@@@@@@@@@@@---------------------]
  +1 Young Buck              [@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@---------]