Succor for a Kelnore Villager

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Of the many sad tales and horrific stories about the current plight of the residents of Kelnore, there is one that seems to tug on the heartstrings of travelers more than many of the others.

One middle aged woman, a long time resident of Kelnore, is said to have lost half of her children, and has suffered other losses that have left her even more downtrodden than the average citizen. It would be quite a heroic deed to find this poor woman, and try to help assuage her painful condition. Considering the terror that the villagers of Kelnore have experienced, you can bet that whatever has befallen her is probably something quite nasty - and to help her will likely involve tangling with some gruesome beasts.

For the less altruistic, it is also told that her family was once a noble in the village of Kelnore, so she still might have something of value to reward such a helpful adventurer.


Kelnore Village, east from Sable City along the Capital Highway.