Stack command

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This command takes two stackable items (or stacks) and combines them into one or more stacks of the same item type. This can be useful in tidying up the inventory and decrease the lines the inventory takes up on the screen.


stack <item stack> with/on <item stack 2>

stack all - stack all stackables in your inventory; costs 25 ep


 stack torch with torch 2 


 stack torch on torch 2

Will result in one stack of:

 wooden torch {2}

Special Note

Most stackable items bear a property that determines their maximum stackable amount. For example torches have a max stackable amount of {10}.

So, if you have two stacks of torches one with {6} torches and one with {8} and you combine them, you will end up with:

 wooden torch {4}
 wooden torch {10}

Stacks of 1 do not contain a stack identifier. Consumable items may not be restacked.

See also: Split, Peel

Help File

help stack