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Guildmaster: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Required Stats: Dexterity 16, Charisma 16
Unallowed: None

Rogues is one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. Identified by a crimson cloak the rogues of Threshold are often referred to as crimsons. Organized around a family structure, little is known about the rogues.

Admission Information

Shrouded in secrecy and blood red cloaks, little is known about this closely knit group of adventurers. Calling themselves the Crimson Society, they seem to favour style and panache over subterfuge and skullduggery, in contrast to the members of the similarly cloaked Thieves Guild, with whom they share a mutual distrust and disregard.

If you wish to join their ranks, the most effective means of doing so is to quietly and efficiently approach one to talk. However, they are an elusive group; if you are unable to find any to speak with, you may send mail to crimsons. Whether by mail or in person, you should be prepared to explain in detail about your history, your goals and your reasons for wishing to join the Society (in character, of course). These interactions will lead to the Society deciding whether or not they will choose to accept you, so be sure to put in some care and thought!

Rogues and Thieves

Rogues and thieves cannot be friends. They do not trust each other enough to clan nor party together.

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