Reinforced burlap satchel

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The reinforced burlap satchel is intended to provide members of a clan an automated method of collecting resources they successfully gather. The satchel carries 3,000 weight units of resources and is a magical container, which does not impact the character's inventory space. The satchel costs 1,000 coins which are deducted from the character's bank balance.

The satchel can be obtained from the Hall of Clans and can be tributed there later. Once tributed, the player will need to obtain a new satchel.

reinforced burlap satchel < 3FC >

   This satchel is made of burlap. All of its seams have been reinforced
threefold, making it incredibly sturdy and unlikely to come apart. This 
satchel is intended for holding resources for later tribute to Clan Vindicator.

It contains:
   iron ore {2}

When invoked, the satchel provides the following information:

   This satchel will automatically gather resources for later use in
tributing to Vindicator. This behavior can be toggled with the following
    satchel on   - automatically gather resources
    satchel off  - disable automatically gathering resources

* You cannot add or remove items from this satchel. 
* Resources tributed in this manner are worth fifteen times their raw
  value versus the normal ten.