Pokka Gobblin' Time

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The Herastian Honor Society announces Pokka Gobbling Time, a special celebration designed to keep the growing number of pokkas down. These creatures have a rapidly expanding population, and their numbers are now quite astronomical. This is a reminder of how magic and experimentation must be carefully monitored by guilds, kingdoms, clans, and even churches.

The work of a few magic users created the creature known as the pokka, and while their eggs are nutritious as well as their meat, they have very few natural predators. The Herastian Honor Society encourages adventurers to hunt down a few of these pokkas, especially the new breed of giant pokkas that have invaded the meadows, and enjoy their delicious meat.

Peeki and Foroni have agreed to sponsor Pokka Gobbling Time, so bring your raw pokkas to their establishments. Fry them up in the communal vat, and enjoy the delicacy. Remember to share with friends and neighbors!