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The first step in creating a character on Threshold is to select its name. READ THIS FULLY. If your name is unacceptable you will have to recreate.

  1. Your name must be suitable for a fantasy/medieval game.
  1. Your name must be creative and original (not from a book, movie, etc).
  1. Your name CANNOT be or contain a concept, verb, title, title of nobility, deity or religious name of any mythos or religion.
  1. Your name CANNOT be silly, profane, crude, etc.
  1. Your name CANNOT be a word or a combination of words in the dictionary.
  1. Your name CANNOT be modern. Even if the name existed in medieval or ancient times, if it is in modern use you absolutely cannot use it.

Your name is the visual representation of your character. Ensuring that character names do not disrupt the roleplaying environment is important.

Help File

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