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The mspaint event is a very silly OOC event.

How it works

  • Typically over the citizen channel, Gesslar will give a topic and those participating will send a drawing using the less sophisticated drawing application MS Paint that comes bundled with Windows.
  • Participants are given 10 minutes to create their masterpieces.
  • Gesslar will provide instructions on how to submit the paintings.
  • All paintings must arrive in .jpg format.
  • Gesslar will upload the results to Imgur for all to see,
  • Other players in Threshold will be given a chance to vote on which is their favourite!

Typically, the topics are very not safe for work and, as such, this event is usually run at night time.

Mac alternative

The whole point of using MS Paint is that everybody on Windows has it and the resulting pictures are hilariously bad. However, Mac users should not feel left out. There exists a good alternative to MS Paint for the Mac called Paintbrush which is free to download.


The results of the MS Paint event are, as mentioned above, rather not safe for work and as such, cannot be included in this Wiki. However, here are a few albums that Gesslar has collected thus far.