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This was added to player vs. player combat to add realism, excitement, and even more detail to the concept of the ultimate means of resolving players disagreements. When you bring a fellow player to negative hit points, it will trigger the possibility of you granting mercy. You then have a few (about 5-7) minutes to decide if you will grant mercy or not. In the meantime, you can loot your victim of all his/her belongings and possessions, or make any other demands or agreements in order to grant mercy. They will have negative ep, sp, be unable to cast spells, and generally are completely helpless.

To initiate this system, you must have begun with the hunt command.


grant mercy - once they are at your mercy, this is how you let them live

no mercy - do not grant them mercy

loot - strip your victim of all his/her belongings and coins

Special Note

Any way that is found to escape or attack the person that has you at their mercy is bug abuse so do not do it. Further, if for some reason this messes up and you do not die when you should, that is also a major bug. This feature is heavily logged so do not abuse this. That would be very unwise.

See: Hunt