Ioun stones

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Ioun stones come in various shapes and numbers, but they all behave in the same manner. When thrown (using the throw command), they will hover around and orbit the wearer's head. Some ioun stones offer a passive, ongoing bonus while others only offer a temporary bonus after being activated using the spin command. In the case of the latter, charges will be expended after each spin, upon the depletion of which, the stones will disintegrate.

The most common method of finding them is as drops off specific creatures in certain areas or from the world drop system.



Known Stones

Stones Effect Spin
bright coral ioun stones intelligence stat no
cobalt blue ioun stones strength stat no
diamond ioun stones dexterity stat yes
dull black ioun stones necromancy spell yes
dusty rose ioun stones charisma stat no
emerald ioun stones style chance yes
milky jade ioun stones luck stat no
pale blue ioun stones attack, cutting, blunt, missile skills yes
pearly white ioun stones shielding yes
quartz ioun stones resource gather amount yes
ruby ioun stones defense skill yes
sapphire ioun stones critical strike yes
thunder ioun stones attack skill yes