Elemental enchanting

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Elemental enchanting is the process of imbuing resistances into powerful armor. This process consumes greater elemental stones and is performed by Negelem who is found in the Thracian Museum. See also elemental resist.

In order to enchant an armor, it must be of sufficient quality. While anyone may have a piece imbued, such imbuements will only activate when worn by a person of 20/20+. A single enchantment requires 1 greater elemental stone, which itself, must be converted from 5 elemental stones of the same element. Every piece of armor may have one elemental enchantment, with the exception of suit armor, which may hold two.

Enchanting a piece of armor with a greater elemental stone costs 10 orb. Though, it bears warning that greater elemental stones so imbued may not be later retrieved, but may be overwritten with new stones to alter the enchantment.

Greater Stone Effect Stone Requirements Coin Requirements
Greater fire stone +1% Resistance to Fire Fire stone x5 5 orb
Greater ice stone +1% Resistance to Water Ice stone x5 5 orb
Greater earth stone +1% Resistance to Earth Earth stone x5 5 orb
Greater thunder stone +1% Resistance to Air Thunder stone x5 5 orb