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What's the use of being a flashy adventurer or a whiz-bang tradesman if you can't flaunt it? Well, with this command you can. Use of this command allows you to toggle items that you are currently wearing or equipping to be viewable via the look command by those around you, providing them another avenue to drink in your delicious success or incontrovertible creativity.


displaying - show items you are displaying

displaying <worn item> - add an item for display

displaying remove <worn item> - stop displaying an item

displaying clear - clear all your displayed items

Special Note

An item marked as available for display will show with a '+' prepended to its short description when people look at you, and in your inventory as well as when using the gear command.

Autoload and guild items cannot be set to displaying.

To examine someone's displayed item, simply: look <item> on <person>

See also: look, inventory

Help File

help displaying