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The Clan Abodes are one of the more exciting elements of the clan system. When you form a clan, the initial coin tribute you must pay goes towards the construction of your clan abode. When first built, it includes a Common Hall and a Founder's Chamber. The Common Hall is host to the main clan board, the clan coffer where the clan's wealth is stored, and the Clan Charter. The Founder's Chamber is a private room whose access permissions are controlled by the clan founder.

Members with permission to decorate the abode can design the short and long descriptions for rooms in the clan abode. Sensory information and specific item descriptions cannot be configured as that would intrude too much on the uniqueness of player owned housing. There are items, however, that can be purchased for rooms that accomplish a similar result.

Designing the short and long descriptions is just the beginning. Using money held in the clan coffer, members with decorating permission can expand the abode limitlessly. Not only can new rooms be constructed, but items and features can be purchased for specific rooms to make them even more useful or enjoyable. Prices are subject to change and there will most likely be more expansion features added over time. Below is a chart that shows some of the things you can buy for your abode. The most up-to-date list is available via the clandecorate command.

Payments for abode enhancements come from the clan coffer. You are encouraged to have dues or some other means of encouraging your clan mates to contribute to the coffer.

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