Bounty Hunters Guild

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The Bounty Hunters Guild does not operate like the other main guilds of Threshold. It is more like the Adventurers Guild or the Literary Guild in that members of the professional guilds of Sable can all become members if they qualify.

To register with this guild, you must be at least guild level 10, and you must pay 5 orb for the initial training and supplies. You are given a Bounty Hunter's Trophy Bag which automatically loads on your person every time you log back into Threshold.

Whenever you slay an NPC (of at least a certain degree of power) or any player, you will stash a "trophy" from the kill in your trophy bag. This trophy can be used for showing off, for keeping tally of kills for your own edification, or most importantly, for collecting BOUNTIES that have been paid for at the Bounty Hunters guild.

ANYONE can go to the Bounty Hunters guild and pay money towards a bounty on someone's life. This amount can grow as more people add to the bounty. You can place a bounty on a player or on an NPC. The first person to return with a trophy from that bountied being, collects the entire bounty.

You can also arrange private contracts, and the trophy bag can be used to deliver proof to your "employer" that you slew the intended target.

Bounties are often posted in the Bounty Hunters guild, by fellow players as well as the King of Sable, the Council of Six, or any other person or group of people. If you are interested in making money by collecting bounties, you should check there often.

Keep in mind that killing someone for a bounty does not make it automatically legal. Thus, if you intend to slay a fellow player, you will want to take precautions else the legal system will crack down on you. The Bounty Hunter files are completely anonymous and confidential, so nobody can ever know who placed the bounty or who collected it.

Enjoy the Bounty Hunting system. Watch your back.

Trophy Bags

Trophy bags can be obtained at Toxi's Taxidermy in Sable City. These bags will keep track of all kills within a gaming session but will be reset upon each log in. The person who gets the killing blow will receive the trophy in his or her bag, and the trophy is created only if it is a worthy foe.

  This well made leather bag is extremely durable and stout. Solid construction is vital for this container, for no bounty hunter would want to lose proof that the quarry had been slain!

Trophy Bag Usage

People often show off their trophies to each other. Additional commands are listed on the bag itself:

trophy count - Count the trophies in your bag.

trophy give <#/trophy> to <target> - Collect bounty for <trophy> from <target>.

trophy brag <#/trophy> - Brag about one of your trophies.

trophy brag all to <target> - Show off all your trophies to someone.

trophy discard <#/trophy name> - Discard a cumbersome trophy.

trophy organize <name/power> - Organize trophies by name or power.

Special Note

All trophy bags are autoloading.

Help File

help bounty hunters