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This command provides some account information like ThreshCredits on your current character, date of last registration claimed, and some alt info.

ALTERNATE CHARACTER USAGE: You must be a registered citizen to do this and it MUST be done from your MAIN character. The first time you use this command, it establishes your MAIN character. The following guidelines must be correct:

1) You must have matching FULL NAMES for both characters (help chfn).
2) You must have matching email addresses for both characters (help chfn).
3) Your alternate character must be logged off.

Fixing mistakes from incorrect use of this command requires direct admin action so BE CAREFUL and use this correctly!

REMEMBER: Threshold characters have SEPARATE registration totals & benefits. That has been part of the design from the beginning. The sole purpose of this is to improve record keeping and reduce confusion.


account - see a variety of account information

account full - enable full registration information for 60s

account claim <alt> - claim another character as your alt

Special Note

See also: register, alternate characters, chfn

Help File

help account