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Guildmaster: Tethon
Location: Sable City
Required Stats: Dexterity 16, Luck 14
Unallowed: None

Thieves is one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. Recognized by their Ebony Cloaks the thieves guild is notoriously secretive. Known for stealth and deceptive tactics thieves make formidable opponents. Their guild hall is rumored to be located in Sable

Admission information

Due to the illegal and nefarious activities of the Thieves Guild, they must be extremely careful about who they allow into their ranks. Thus, if you wish to don the Ebony Cloak and become a member of their guild, you must obtain permission from a master thief. Once you have completed your heritage, you should mail the masterthieves with an application that is explained below. You must do this QUIETLY and not by shouting or announcing publicly that you are trying to join the thieves guild. This will only anger the guild and most likely result in your assassination.

Once you have decided you would like to possibly become a member of the thieves guild, you should send mail to masterthief. The master thieves are the leaders of that guild, and they and their guildmaster will determine if you are worthy. You should send a DETAILED letter all about yourself, your history, and why you seek to become a thief (all of this should be written IN CHARACTER. Use your imagination. This is not an essay contest, but unless your letter shows some imagination and a little effort, you will not be admitted into the guild).

After doing this, you should wait to hear back from them. The only other thing you should do is this: Find other people who are wearing the Ebony Cloak of the Thieves Guild, and ask them if there are any master thieves awake that you can speak with. If there are, you might be able to speak with one of them immediately and perhaps they can induct you into the guild. Always send your application letter first (Go to the post office and type: mail masterthief. Joining the thieves guild is not automatic. It is a difficult process that requires effort and imagination on your part. You will have to roleplay gaining admittance to this guild, so do not pursue this type of character unless you are ready to go through a lot of extra effort in order to gain admittance.

Rogues and Thieves

Rogues and thieves cannot be friends. They do not trust each other enough to clan nor party together.

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