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Commands for Raiding Party Members

raid - Status of group members.

raid leave - Leave the raiding party.

raid fix - Use only when your raiding party data is messed up.

Commands for Raid Leaders

raid form - Form a raiding party.

raid invite <name> - Invite someone to join the raiding party.

raid leader <name> - Appoint someone as the new raiding party leader.

raid boot <name> - Boot someone from the raiding party.

raid disband - Disband the raiding party.

Raid Status

The raid status screen provides helpful information to determine many things about the members of your raiding party. An example of the screen is shown here:

Raid Status Example

The raiding status screen shows information regarding raiding party in the form of the name, followed by two graphs. The first (green) showing their relative hit points and the second (yellow) their endurance.

  • If a name is surrounded by parentheses, they are resting.
  • If a name is in all capitals, this means they are presently fighting.

Special Note

The Raid System is not meant to be used as a substitute for partying. Do not do lame things like creating a raid party to sit around monitoring your friends' health while they're off adventuring. This is meant to be used during invasions or other situations where a raiding party might be warranted.

Help File

  • help raid
  • help raid status