Frog cookie

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This item is available exclusively through the ThreshCredit Shops. It is specifically a roleplaying item and has no other effects than being cute as heck; that is, until you mash it in your saliva-ridden mouth, completely destroying the beauty of it.


frog sugar cookie

   This beautiful, carefully decorated sugar cookie is as large as a grown 
man's palm. Bright green sugar crystals have been liberally sprinkled over
a puffy, golden sugar cookie, and white frosting decorate the eyes. Two
small chocolate chips have been used to give the cookie's eyes more definition.
The frog seems to have a silly expression on its face.



ThreshCredit Item

frog cookie
Location and Cost
ThreshCredit Bazaar
1 TC
Special Access Shop
King's Court
1 TC
King's Court 2000
1 TC