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Catfolk is one of the playable Races in the game Threshold.

Catfolk appear very similar to humans, but with a few very significant differences. Their eyes have oval shaped catlike pupils, and their hands and feet possess small, but sharp claws. Their noses are smaller and button shaped, and catfolk can wiggle their nose producing a very charming, and humorous effect. Their vocal cords are slightly different, enabling them to purr, meow, and hiss depending on their mood. A scant few catfolk still possess the thin, furry tails of their ancestors. (No player catfolk have tails)

It is not known exactly how the catfolk evolved. Their own lore claims that they are the children of an ancient god of cats, who was quietly eliminated by Silvanus many eons ago. Clerics of Silvanus deny this, but the catfolk remain suspicious of Silvanus' religion.

They are even more agile than elves, though not as intelligent, or adept with magic. They are not as strong as humans, but their animalistic ancestry provides them with resistance to ailments that is on par with humankind.

Catfolk possess a mystically alluring charisma. Their features are often very attractive, and some would call them sexy. Perhaps it is as much their mysterious nature as their physical looks.

Canis and Catfolk

Canis and Catfolk are not friends.

They do not party together.

They do not trust each other.

They will not join a clan where the other is present.

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