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Canis is one of the playable Races in the game Threshold.

This race of wolfish humanoids was created by Silvanus himself. He loved the wolves of his natural world, and felt they should have relatives in the mortal world.

Canis are strong and sturdy humanoids, though not terribly adept with magic or science. They possess strong, sharp teeth that they use offensively. They also retain the thin but bushy tails of their canine cousins. With their powerful vocal chords and lungs they can produce powerful howls, and travel great distances.

Some societies find them a bit animalistic, and too hierarchical and blindly obedient to their superiors. They have a strong propensity to seek out organization and stratified lifestyles and civilizations. Further, they become easily angered with catfolk, whom they know are distrustful of Silvanus. Though all Canis do not worship Silvanus primarily, they all respect him, since they know he was their ancient and original sire.

Canis and Catfolk

Canis and Catfolk are not friends.

They do not party together.

They do not trust each other.

They will not join a clan where the other is present.

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