Banyee Village

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Village of Banyee
Village of Banyee

Banyee Village is a small fishing village located on the Isle of Thrace. Newcomers to Thrace are encouraged to wander around the floating platforms, and engage with the various Banyee residents that call this place their home, and enjoy the grub and swill available at Chugger's Lair. There are birds to fight, docks to fish on (though the Thracian Government might have something to say about that), and more. If a newcomer should choose to test their strength against a sea elf, choose carefully, as one or two of them are practically invincible!




Banyee Village

Directions from Thrace dock

west, southwest, west, southwest, 2 east, 3 south, west, 2 south

Level Range

Heritage to 4