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Blowtorch is a mobile app for the Android operating system found commonly on phones and tablets. It is a simple interface to Threshold and uses very little data, but this is primarily because Threshold is a text-based game and generates very little data.

Downloading Blowtorch

Blowtorch can be found on the Play Store here:

Features to Disable

By default, the semicolon is turned on for command stacking, a feature which is strictly forbidden in Threshold. If you do not change this feature, you will not be able to emote over channels.

Also, by default, Blowtorch enables something called dot commands processing. This is not a useful feature and, in fact, impedes exiting the editor in Threshold (mail, board posts, etc).

The following steps allow you to switch this behavior:

  1. While connected to Threshold go to OPTIONS in the menu
  2. Select SERVICE
  3. Uncheck Process System Commands
  4. Uncheck the Process Semicolons

Custom Buttons

You can set up custom buttons on the screen. Some are there by default, which makes it easier to navigate around, but you can add your own.

  1. Push and hold anywhere on the screen you want the new button to appear.
  2. To edit the button push and hold that particular button.