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Toggles are game-wide enablements that provide a wide variety of benefits or game events, such as holiday events. When toggled on, these enablements are game-wide.

You can see what toggles are presently enabled by typing toggles.

Toggle Description Holiday Event
Accelerated Sacrifice Reduce the sacrifice cooldown for specified or all churches.
Acumen Jubilee Chance to earn acumens when gaining XP.
Angry Spirits (Hallowe'en) Spawn angry spirits who drop cursed chest as loot. 🎃
Ataxium's Challenge Resource- and harmonic-based event. June
Battlecard Double XP Double XP gained from battlecard matches and staged battlecards.
Blood Favor Earning experience points generates favor for a designated deity (help xp).
Bonus Allegiance Earn extra allegiance when completing city tasks.
Bonus Maintain Respect Receive extra respect for maintaining works in the Hall of Honor.
Bonus Religion Vouchers Favor from religion vouchers, such as phylacteries and religion task rewards are multiplied.
Bonus Review Respect Receive extra respect for reviewing submissions in the Hall of Creation.
Bonus Submit Respect Receive extra respect for submitting works in the Hall of Creation.
Bonus World Drop Increase world drop chances.
Carp Day Receive additional STEA Fishing Badges when collecting at the Victory Park Community Center Fish Repository.
Chaos Favor Random effects when generating favor, including double favor, favor going to a random deity.
Cheaper Augmentation Percentage cheaper augmentation.
Cheaper Elemental Enchanting Percentage cheaper elemental enchanting from Negelem.
Clan Honor Chance to gain 1 clan honor upon gaining XP.
Coin Bonus Drop an additional percentage of coin based on the entire value of a monster's worth.
Continuum When enabled, your inventory and coins are returned to you if you logged out in a safe location.
Death Where Is Thy Sting No death consequences at all when players die.
Desecrate Idol Spam Spam the whole game when an idol is smashed.
Double XP Earn double XP.
Egg Hunt (Easter) Find eggs by searching overland areas and from burying monster corpses or crafting that give XP. 🐇
Enhanced Sacrifice Items that have been enhanced contribute to greater favor.
Elemental Essences Drop elemental essences for various activities such as kills, speaking, etc.
Fairy Surge Event Chance to summon capturable fairies when monsters are slain.
Favor Team-Mode Favor is generated in teams rather than the usual per church.
Fish Honor When fish are submitted to the STEA, reward with personal clan honor.
Food Bonus When a player eats food, heal him an additional percentage amount in HP.
Fortified When enabled, vulnerability is not in effect.
Founders Series Enables the Founders Series of battlecards for purchase and world drops.
Green Griffon Ale All Green Griffon Ale is actually GREEN! and leaves a moustache. 🍀
Green Goblin (St. Patrick's Day) Spawn chocolate coins and clovers for use as currency with the Green Goblin. 🍀
Hallowe'en Enables Homestead (help homestead, help holiday), Hallowe'en themed items in the J4, Haunted Series battlecards in the shops and world drops, pumpkin searching, pumpkin submission at the Gamwich 3000 Pumpkin Food Processsor, and pumpkin donations to the STEA.
Inheritence When enabled, your inventory and coins are preserved over death.
Login Bonus Allow login bonus black marbles to be distributed at login.
Maelstrom Grind Event Generate Maelstrom Energy while gaining XP.
Maelstrom's Market When enabled, Maelstrom's Market is open for business.
Narthex Heal over Time Pray at a Narthex and get a heal over time!
Negelem relic repair Will allow Negelem the ability to repair relics at the specified cost.
No death effects Players do not suffer from random death consequences.
No stealing Disable stealing for everyone, everywhere.
Nubcakes for all When newbies login, they get a nubcake bag.
Overachiever Multiply the overachiever rate by a specified rate.
Party Time Axis restrictions for parties are no longer in place while active.
Plenitude When resource nodes spawn, increase their node size to their max (4).
Pokka Gobblin' Time Thanksgiving holiday event. Spawn pokkas throughout the lands and fry up their meat at a local cauldron (help pgt). 🦃
Potent Sacrifice Crafted burnables worth extra favor.
Ravenous When a player eats food, heal him an additional percentage amount in HP and SP.
Reduced Price Drink Drink prices in all pubs are reduced a specified percentage.
Reduced Price Food Food prices in all pubs are reduced a specified percentage.
Refectory Bonus The favor from consuming refectory food and drink is multiplied.
XP from Bloodoath Kills Percentage of XP gained from when a bloodoath gains XP.
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