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Tasks become available once a character has joined a guild. Tasks are a completely voluntary system and are not required for anything and are provided as a mechanism to vary up your gameplay and provide opportunities to do something different while out adventuring.


Tasks are given out by taskmasters, NPCs that dole out requests for service in exchange for rewards.

Vilinin the Veteran

Repeatable vs. One-Shot Tasks

Some tasks are repeatable after a cooldown while others can only be completed once.

Available tasks showing one-shot notation


The cooldowns on tasks vary depending on the rewards as well as the difficulty of the task, or sometimes just based on whim.

Most commonly, tasks that are repeatable can be attempted again after twenty-four hours.


The rewards for completing tasks will vary, but most often players are given vouchers for prosperity or favor.

Task types

City tasks

City tasks are typically given out by Mindrin the Mystic in Sable City and Vilinin the Veteran in Thrace City.

Religion tasks

Religion tasks are given out by the monks in each temple. The rewards from these tasks are vouchers for favor.

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