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A remort is the process an adventuring character undergoes to take up the crafting lifestyle. If you are a tradesman and wish to switch trades, you may be looking to retrain rather than remort.

To remort, you use the remort command.

Character Effects

  • Character's levels are set to 1/1.
  • Character's skills and spells are reset.
  • Character keeps clan.
  • Character keeps religion.
  • Character keeps house.
  • Character keeps bloodoath.
  • Character donates all but 5,000 coins to the crafting guild to remort.
  • Character will lose bloodjewels and belt.
  • If you were a chosen cleric, you will be promoted to Worshiper status in your religion. Exception: Matriarchs and Patriarchs retain their status.
  • Character may not continue former-guild specific roleplay (such as guild specific research)
  • If the character is a hegemon, he/she will lose that status.
  • Character will lose all current abilities that are not related to guild, church, race, clan, or bloodoath.
  • Hegemon characters remorting lose the benefits of being famous.

Autoload Weapon Effects

  • You will receive your autoload again when you reach level 20.

Important Notes

  • The remort option is not available to switch trades. you will need to retrain.
  • Remorting is a permanent change. This cannot be reversed.
  • Remorting requires permission. if you wish to avail yourself of this option, use the remort command.