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Cardinal: Deokoria, Damieux, Rinada, Eshne
Location: Sable City
Required Stats: Intelligence 12, Wisdom 14, Charisma 12
Unallowed: Asuli, Catfolk, Scorpien, Takzul

The life of the cleric is one of the most demanding and unique in the realm of Threshold. Sworn to advance the beliefs, ideas, power, and influence of its deity's mythos, the cleric is an ever vigilant epitome and paradigm of that which the chosen deity represents.

In the material world of mortals, the cleric speaks for and acts on behalf of his or her deity. In return, the deity grants the cleric with many varied and powerful spells. Their power depends heavily on the devoutness of the cleric, as well as the quality of continued service over many, many years.

This duty is demanding and rigorous. A cleric must be constantly mindful the deity's desires and wishes, and must always remain true to the values he or she is seeking to spread. The cleric must not only actively spread the word, but serve as a living, breathing example to everyone interacted with. Often, straying from the path can bring great punishment or even a loss of powers!

To pursue the life of the cleric, one must already show great wisdom in the ways of the word before any deity would waste its efforts on a such a mortal servant. For without wisdom, how can one's devotion be trusted? As for spells, the abilities of the cleric are quite varied. Aside from their well known (and appreciated) healing and resurrecting abilities, clerics have a wide array of defensive, combat, and information gathering spells. This guild is one that demands absolute devotion, and for such the rewards are great.


A cleric can be recognized by their carried Periapt of Faith. This will change, however, once they become chosen by a deity and wear the symbol of that faith.

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