Clan dominance

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Clan tribute is a major part of the clan dominance system. It is through tribute that clans and clan members can distinguish themselves in the eyes of Vindicator.

Clan tribute can be paid with experience points. When XP is paid, it is converted into honor. The conversion formula is designed to make the clan tribute system more balanced for people of all levels. The formula:

Amount of XP Tributed / (guild level * guild level) 

Thus, 10,000 xp tributed by a level 10 player would earn 100 clan honor. The same 10,000 xp tributed by a level 20 player would only earn 25 honor.

The annually required clan tribute is (100 Honor * Number of Members). Clan Tribute can be paid in any proportion by the members of your clan. A single person could pay the whole tribute if he or she was so inclined.

After annual tribute has been paid, any XP tributed is converted into clan honor. Clan honor can also be earned in a variety of ways including:

  • Competitions
  • Submissions to the Hall of Honor
  • Through honor wagers with other clans
  • Through resource donations

Clan tribute is, however, one of the most predictable ways to earn clan honor. The Clans are ranked according to how much clan honor they have. Being highly ranked has many effects- including making some clan abilities more powerful or more efficient. The top ranked clan is the Hand of Vindicator. This is a title of enormous honor and distinction.

Benefits of dominance

  • Clan abilities become more effective/powerful if you are the Hand of Vindicator.
  • If your clan is in the top 25% of the dominance race, you will receive a bonus to the possible number of resources gathered. This is cumulative with religion favor bonus.