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Throughout the game there are various buffs and debuffs your character can acquire. Buffs give your character a benefit to skills, stats, or numerous other effects, while debuffs hinder your character in some way.

The command allows you to check which buffs or debuffs are currently affecting you and in some cases how much longer they will last.


Command Information
buffs view temporary buffs/debuffs
buffs gear view any buffs/debuffs from identified equipment
buffs all view all buffs, including global and area

Sample Buffs Display

 Buff                                   Type                    Time to Expire
 Divine Blessing                        skill attack                  4m 14s
 Debuff                                 Type                    Time to Expire
 Unreachable (area)                     no teleporting                   ---


Toggles are game-wide effects and can be viewed via the toggles command.

Special Note

If a buff should be on an item, but you don't see it or are not being affected by it when it is equipped, perhaps you should seek out someone skilled in reading an item's mystical properties.